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ENR #16

The new wall of berlin. A wall between a shared backyard - is it simply a line that divides two properties or does it signify much more? by Rafilm(SE)

Eclectic Tech Carnival
A women only space to learn and discuss not just technicalities.
by Kinimatographos (GR)

PGA gathering Belgrade
A street party in Belgrade to mark the closing night of the PGA gathering 2004 Beyondtv (UK)

Day out at Diesel
Ignited by the ad campaign using protest images, the stop shopping tour hit Diesel in London. by UHC and Home made media [UK]

ENR #15

Martin (Sweden)
Animated drawings about Martin, a swedish policeman. Martin, everybody has to grow up.
by Statementblues, Videoart & RAFILM

Being punctual, once in a lifetime (Germany)
Spectacular action in which more than 100 inhabited lorries occupied the Hafenstraße in Hamburg, Germany, to demand the survival of independent living space.
by ???

Rail blocking during nuclear transports (Germany)
Activists chain themselves to the rails where the nuclear transport should pass. The tranport was blocked for two hours.
by AG Atomkraftwerke abschalten jetzt!

Anti-rassism festival in Athens, Greece
The ninth festival of this kind which points to the situation of migrants in Greece. A group of lesbians talks about problem within the greek society.
by Kinematographos

2005 G8 will come to Gleneagles (Scotland)
Presumably the next G8 summit will take place in Gleneagles, Scotland. A few residents talk about the effects and make a little round trip through the town. Also in the clip: students-protests against Iraq war.

We do it for you (Sweden)
Trick film about wars, propaganda, manipulation and capitalism.
by Statementblues/Rafilm

Trailer: Welcome to a radiant future
A documentary following the uranium chain and introducing renewable energies. Now available.
by Trojan TV

ENR #14

From 13th to 29th August, 2004 Athens was the hosting country of the 28th Olympic games. For years they meant to be the great idea of the nation. But as they came closer the negative effencts got more visible.
by Kinematographos

Aarhus, Denmark against Neo-Nazis
Politicians promised "zero tolerance" policy towards the nazis, but that was just bullshit! So we made a poster saying: NO PATRIOTS in our streets. ZERO TOLERANCE kiss my ass!
by antast, bushkiller

Nuclear transports in France
Radioactive material like uranium and plutonium are transported through France without special security measures. Due to profit reasons transportation costs are held low. But this meens a risk for humans and environment.
by Trojan TV

Go on (Collogne, Germany)
Protests against social cuttings take place in many european countries. In Germany there was a clear dissociation from the German Workers Union Alliance, because it works hand in hand with the German government. So the demonstration split in two parts to have a independent final manifestation for social justice.
by Trojan TV

Nuclear-protests part II (France)
A new reactor was built in France. The EPR - European Pressurised Reactor. It is said to be more profitable, but it holds higher risks to people and environment. This is a protest for less consume and alternative ways of energy recovery.
by Trojan TV

Habitation in Sweden
A film about the contacts in a mulitstory building in Steglitsvägen, Sweden. How people living in it meet each other and how they deal with each other.
by ???

ENR #13

Efrems Letters (Flüchtlingseindrücke in Munich)
To receive letters is not a special thing, one could think. Once Efrem, who lives in a refugee-home in Munich now was glad to receive a letter as he lived in Ethiopia. But now things are different. Bills, reminders and letters from authorities.
by Birnbaum TV

What is a food coop?
A group in Manchester brought a market into being called MERcI, to give the community Platinum Hancock the possibility to buy fresh fruit and vegetables to low prices.
by Undercurrents

FREE PARADE against prisons
On 7th June 2003 there was a street parade in Rome to demonstrate the decline of prisons and all totalitarian institutions and to demand a different exposure with prisons, penalty, guilt and spying.
by project

Maartens case
An action in solidarity for Maarten in the Netherlands, who is threatend to be extradited from Holland to Sweden because he jumped over a barrier during the protests against EU-summit in 2002.
by fjocam/videopunx

Transgenics / Genfood
Action in a supermarket Barcelona, Spain to increase the awareness of consumers about genetically modified ingredients in food.
by pimientoverde

In May 2004 an exhibition was opened which was thought to be a space for celebrating the variety of cultures. But what is it really about? Why was the culture house "Les Naus" closed?
by project

ENR #12

WIPE OUT WEF - Anti-WEF Protests 2004 (Davos, Switzerland)
Protests against the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Travel-demonstration - activists traveled by train through Fribourg/Bern/Burgdorf/Langenthal to demonstrate their opposition of the WEF-summit.
by project

Lesbian-parade on Christopher Street Day in Munich, Germany
Lesbians want to point to their situation and want to increase their presence and demands within the Christopher Street Day Parade.
by Birnbaum TV and Creative Show Dykes

WEF Protests part II
Additional clips with Radioballet, a public diversion actionin Zurich, Switzerland, the blocking a train, in which activists travelled. More than 1000 people were controlled. Reclaim the streets in Warsaw, Poland April, 2004.

Aubonne Bridge Action, Evian, France 2003
Highway-blockade by WEF-protesters. Police cut the rope on which activists hung from Aubonne Bridge and made one of the activists fall down 20 meters. by undercurrents

Rome Prison Action
On new years day a group of activists marched to a prison site to bring their solidarity, music and dance performance from a samba group and congratulations for the new year to the prisoners.
by candida tv

Reclaim a lake (Munich, Germany)
A pretty lake district in Munich was rebuilt, to serve as a tourist fun park. A few hippies collected thousands of plastic bottles that were lying around at the shore, to demonstrate, that waste increased since the lakes are used commertially.
by Birnbaum TV

ENR #11

I Spy in Italy
Protest against the further increasing monopolisation of the media in Italy by the new media law of the Berlusconi government. The rich Berlusconi is coincidentally already the owner of a large part of the media…
by Real 2 Reel

The movement of the Sans-Papiers, the undocumented people in France introduce themselves at the third European Social Forum in Paris (ESF), November 2003.
by kanalB

Metro Conso Dodo
Metro, Consum, Sleep. A protest action against the increasing transformation of everybody and everything into consumer products. The action took place at the subway during the ESF.
by No Pub!

Tractors and Trollies
Large demonstration of farmers and consumers in London against genetically modified food which the Britisch government wants to push the people down their throat and into the market. The protesters explain why they don’t want it and that they will put democracy in their own hands when necessary.
by Real 2 Reel

Modified Wheat
A test field with modified wheat is destroyed by a handful of activists, to delay the introduction of GM wheat in England and the world.
by Real 2 Reel and Undercurrents

Can Masdeu
The old house of Can Masdeu stands in one of the last non-urbanised valleys on the edge of Barcelona and The Collserola National Park. After being totally abandoned for more than 50 years, in December 2001 it was occupied as a living space and rurbano (rural/urban) social centre.
by Jorgelina Barrera

ENR #10

Squatting in Barcelona, Spain

Squatting in Karlsruhe, Germany

Squatting in Kopenhagen, Denmark

Squatting in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Actions against the largest waepons fair in Europe

The George and Tony Show

ENR #9

McStrike !
McDonalds employees in Paris are on strike already for 6 months. They occupy the restaurant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The occupation is the symbol for their case !
by Victor Muh

Cut !
After years of protest with peace action camps, blockades, surroundings, ‘cutting the fence’-actions, court cases, it is finally there ! The military airbase Soesterberg in the Netherlands will close!
by Deeez!

4 Dias de Mayo
On November 13, 2002 the oil tanker Prestige sank on the Galician coast. Here is a five min part of the 90 min documentary “4 Diaz de Mayo”, which shows interviews with the people living there 6 months after the catastrophe.
by El tronco de Senegal producciones

The Entenwood
The entertainment park “The Efteling” in the Netherlands wants to expand and cut down a forest for that reason. The activists of Groenfront! don’t agree and have build tree houses and tunnels in the ground to avoid it.
by Chronic Video

Food not Bombs Warsaw
The people from this Food not Bombs group tell about the why and how of their regular actions.

The ship must disappear
In Cologne there is an asylum seeker centre build on a container ship. The participants of the 6th anti-racist no border camp in Germany pay them e visit. A woman living on the ship tells how it is there.
by trojan tv

AMA Campus Deelen
On August 24th a group of activists has removed the fences around the campus where young asylum seekers without relatives are kept. This campus is a try out of the Dutch government which fits in the policy to scare the asylum seekers off, to detain them and to prepare them on their deportation.

ENR #8

Free Juanra !
The story of a Catalan anti-fascist activist fighting detention from the Netherlands.
by Organic Chaos Network

No Bases for War
How US bases Menwith Hill and Flyingdales in Yorkshire are part of the US military's global strategy of dominance and aggression. Interviews with people near other bases in Greenland and Alaska, and Bruce Gagnon from the 'global network against nuclear power and weapons in space'.
by Mirabelle / Homemade Media

Menwith Hil - Ball for Independence
July the 4th saw a different kind of Independence Day celebration at Menwith Hill. Independence FROM America.
by Leonie / Indymedia Manchester

Open Source Software at Ascii Internet Café
Why social justice activists should use social software, and a look at the Ascii internet cafe in Amsterdam.
by trojan tv

Evian G8 summit 2003
The Evian conference saw actions in Geneva and all round the Lac Leman. See the pictures and hear about more organisations in the alphabet soup of Global corporate domination.
by kanalB and trojan tv

LTU deportation airline
Action against the cooperation of LTU with the deportation praxis of the German government.

ENR #7

Critical Mass Zagreb
An international bike caravan tests the limits of freedom of expression in Zagreb.
by Sto Gledas?

La Calle contre La Guerra - Anti War demonstration in Barcelona
Everyone was out on the streets against the war on Iraq - but especially in Spain.
by Tortuga Roja

Food not Bombs Amsterdam
Students who were fed up at getting ripped off by the University canteen asked FNB to kick out the commercialism.
by trojan tv

Croation Detention Centre
These Iraqi refugees seem to be lost somewhere between their home country and an elusive Freedom.
by Sto Gledas?

CNN war protest coverage
In a sea of liberal lies, it's a relief to get a bit of incisive criticism of the Anti-War protests.
by CNN (international_ of course!)

ENR #6

Shock and Hoax
Pixies fence off parts of the city with official tape and "anti-panic" messages. Why should we feel safe while war rages elsewhere on our behalf?
by Candida TV

The Yes Men
A French interview about the tactics of the Yesmen - the Gatt - WTO impersonators and their supremely plausible inflatable gold lame penile controller.
by sub multimedia TV

Stop GATS Crap in Education
Dutch activists take revenge on a government official in favour of commercialising education.
by trojan tv

Faslane the Big one 2003
Good footage of the nig blockade at Faslane Nuclear Base, Scotland, 2003.
by Camcorder Guerilla's

Stop E$$O war
Actions to stop E$$o in Italy and internationally in view of their alterior motives during the second Gulf War.
by Candida TV

Germany Anti War Actions April 2003
Stepping up the action getting under the police's feet.
by kanalB

Critical Mass Roma
Uplifting footage of taking the streets with bikes in Italian style.
by Candida TV

ENR #5

Ken and Barbie
A modern Romeo and Julia story.
by Donna Muller and Rick van Amersfoort

Davos - WEF protest 2003
The annual WEF meeting in Davos is like an old boys network. But with capitalism causing global destruction it's time to break up the reunion.
by Vrije Keyser TV

World Contentment Day
How content are you today ?
by Undercurrents

Croatia Anti War Protest
Check the spirit of Croatia as it rejects the war on Iraq. Report from Croatia on the worldwide demonstration day against the war against Iraq, February 15th 2003.
by Fade_in andSto Gledas?

Civil inspectors at Volkel
An inspection to prove the presence of nuclear weapons of mass destruction in the Netherlands, where the government claims not to have these on their territory.
by Huib van Schoonhoven and trojan tv

MTMC Blockade
Lock-on action against the US military transport coordination centre.
by Lodewijk van Eekhout and trojan tv

Direct Action against a satellite installation of an airbase
This inspiring action shows the sabotage of a US satellite station in the Netherlands.
by Huib van Schoonhoven and trojan tv

ENR #4

Robodock 2002
A visual sketch of the ferocious, baccanalian and very underground Amsterdam festival.
by Bushkiller Productions

During the European Social Forum in Florence activists had build their own satellite TV station to broadcast independent media news in the land where the media is owned by one person: Berlusconi.
by Candida TV

Graffiti Night Out
Media isn't just what you see on the TV and read in the Papers. You can make your own media!
by Undercurrents

USRAF Fairford - run around with the inspectors
Watch out there's 50 people come from Brighton for this anti-war protest - something's bound to happen!!
by Undercurrents

Bambule Trailer Park
A very powerful show of support for this evicted trailer park in Hamburg turned into actions to bring down the right wing populist government of Hamburg.
by Bambule

About the GATS negotiations which aim to privatise the whole public sector and a demonstration against it in Brussels.
by trojan tv

Stop violence against women
Three short video clips show different aspects of violence against women and possibilities to deal with it.
by Organic Chaos Network

ENR #3

Actions against a nuclear waste transport in Germany, November 2002.
by trojan tv

Three contributions about the European Social Forum in Florence, how the civilians where scared by the media before the meeting, why people went to the ESF and a workshop on sweatshops.
by kanalB and Carlo Angeli

After the ESF an arrest wave took place in Italy. Activists in Amsterdam do a solidarity action with the arrested people.
by trojan tv

ENR #2

Food not Bombs in Zagreb, Croatia
by Fade_in

Anti-Irak war demonstration in London.
by Undercurrents

Camara surveillance !
by trojan tv

Roma caravan in Duesseldorf against their possible deportation.
by trojan tv

Deportation jail Köpenick in Berlin and a supporters action of the illegalised.
by kanalB

Important guidelines for airplane passengers.
by Deportation-Alliance Campaign

ENR #1

Genua impression
by Hamish

A journey to Hebron

Zagreb Gay Pride
Everywhere around the world Gay Prides are a carnival... the situation in Croatia is a bit different.
by Što gledaš

Johannesburg Solidarity
Some diverse comment and protest from demonstrators in Amsterdam against the inaction of the Rio +10 summit in Johannesburg.
by Iva

Celtic Safari - Ekotopia bike tour
Getting to the 2002 ecotopia tour involved a cycle ride and loads of direct action along the way.
by Viv

Police demonstation and counter demo
When the Police tried to demonstrate in plain clothes, you can be sure some people had something to say about it!
by Penny

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