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European NewsReal
Monthly Indymedia Video Magazine

The ENR is a not-for-profit network from independent video makers and screeners.
The ENR is a platform for people working towards positive social change.
The ENR connects local groups within Europe through Media activism.
The ENR is a regular video magazine, which is subtitled in as many languages as possible, distributed and locally screened.

How does the European NewsReal work ?
Independent video makers from all over Europe contribute short video clips to a production team which puts them together to form a regular video program of half an hour. The producer of the ENR changes every one or 2 editions.
This video magazine is subtitled in as many European languages as possible, distributed in the countries involved and screened locally. 18 editions were produced in the first three years of production.
The production group puts together the regular editions but does not change the individual contributions.

Mission Statement
The European Newsreal is an independent media network of regional production and screening groups for the European wide distribution of copy-left videos covering issues ignored or distorted by the corporate media.
The European Newsreal is a platform to promote and empower groups and campaigns working towards positive social change, a world without repressive borders, exclusion and exploitation of human beings and our environment.

How can you get a video to screen it ?
In several countries there are already groups which are subtitling and distributing the NewsReal, you can get a VHS copy of the monthly European NewsReal from them for around 5 euro.
In the UK the distribution on CD and DVD is done by Beyond TV

How can you contribute a video clip to the European NewsReal ?
Get in contact with the current production group: imc-athens-video at and ask them where you can send your contribution.
A contribution for the NewsReal
>> must be interesting to a broader than local audience,
>> should not be discriminating or denigrating people,
>> should be independently produced,
>> should not be longer than 5 min,
>> should have a transcript in English (the spoken text written out including time codes),
>> contains no subtitles, as they are put under it in the various languages,
>> should contain no copy-right material (images, music),
>> can be freely distributed and screened (copy-left), as long as no money is made.
A contribution should be on mini-DV (PAL).

When you want to contribute a video, get in contact with the production group.

General contact european-newsreal @

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